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      [FAB-11102] Visual Vocab · 6d4bf4e7
      pama-ibm authored
      Added images from our visual vocabulary
      library to the Glossary & updated
      definition for Block. 
      Change-Id: I89f7694cd04c3828e3c48fdd2bb47b2178abcc85
      Signed-off-by: default avatarpama-ibm <pama@ibm.com>
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      FAB-11094 Fix deadlock in block iterator · 375995ea
      Jason Yellick authored
      The deliver service used to not close ledger iterators until after a
      block had been committed.  With FAB-10799, the Deliver service more
      proactively cleans up ledger resources.  This leads to a more likely
      contention between the block iterator's Close() function and the Next()
      These two code paths acquire the same two mutexes, but in different
      orders.  The Next() path always acquires the itr.mgr.cpInfoCond.L first,
      then the itr.closeMarkerLock, while the Close() path inverts this order.
      If both Next() and Close() are invoked at the same time by goroutines,
      this can result in a deadlock where both mutexes lock and never unlock.
      This further prevents all blocks from committing and begins to leak
      memory resources.
      Change-Id: I99180fec2639a62cdf1cd9a6ce8b33f91ce498b9
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Yellick <jyellick@us.ibm.com>
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