1. 16 Nov, 2018 2 commits
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      recon: commit only validTx's pvtData in pvtStore · 7105f8bb
      senthil authored
      Currently, gossip constructs pvtData only for validTx
      as per VSCC. Hence, we are not storing all pvtData of
      a block.
      In the ledger, currently, we are storing pvtData of
      invalidTx (i.e., failed MVCC checks) too. To be
      consistent, this CR can stores the pvtData of only
      validTx (as per MVCC check).
      FAB-11805 #done
      Change-Id: Ic4b228cade0456bc1ddc4ab80595e9e82d7aaa25
      Signed-off-by: default avatarsenthil <cendhu@gmail.com>
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      recon: convert missingData slice to a map · 8c966365
      Senthil Nathan N authored
      For any internal usage, it is good to have map so that lookup and
      comparison code can be written with lesser lines of codes. If the
      order of the stored entries do not matter, then slice is not needed
      and adds a lot of complexity during lookups.
      Given above, this CR changes the slice used for missingData to a map.
      In the BlockAndPvtData, we have Block, BlockPvtData, and Missing.
      These names are not very informative and get confused with another
      struct named BlockPvtData. Hence, we rename
      BlockAndPvtData.BlockPvtData to BlockAndPvtData.PvtData
      FAB-12895 #done
      Change-Id: I60af0520fc028392703a38e46c5c15ac2707a139
      Signed-off-by: default avatarsenthil <cendhu@gmail.com>
  2. 15 Nov, 2018 16 commits
  3. 14 Nov, 2018 9 commits
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      Nominate Alessandro Sorniotti as maintainer · bfb2c48f
      David Enyeart authored
      Alessandro has been the key contributor on MSP/crypto components
      and a security expert on the team. He has also worked on many
      other components, from design, code to reviews, especially
      with security focus. He has presented Fabric at numerous venues,
      from industry to academic events to promote Hyperledger and
      Hyperledger Fabric.
      Currently we have no maintainers from MSP/crypto components.
      The above was copied from Alessandro's nomination from a year
      ago. There were not enough votes cast last year due to
      multiple inactive maintainers at the time. Since that time,
      Alessandro has been working in a virtual maintainer role, but
      without the title. For example Alessandro has led critical
      new features such as state-based endorsement and is re-designing
      the validation code to support the next generation of Fabric
      capabilities. Over the last year, Alessandro has been a mentor
      and expert code reviewer to many community members across many CRs.
      Now that the inactive maintainers have retired, it's time
      to bring the nomination to another vote.
      Change-Id: Icaae2682f2a74025fb7a586481901637e2f06d50
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Enyeart <enyeart@us.ibm.com>
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      [FAB-12802] Pass metrics provider to ledgermgmt · 96208305
      manish authored
      This CR introduces a dependency of ledger package on metrics provider
      and passes down the metrics provider from peer to ledgermgmt
      Change-Id: I0af8c4b685996c0fad610c17249f9307bf523237
      Signed-off-by: default avatarmanish <manish.sethi@gmail.com>
    • Saad Karim's avatar
      FAB-12866 - Refactor NewProvider for ledger · 73bdfc55
      Saad Karim authored
      The metrics provider will be provided by the initializer which is passed
      into Initialize function. The NewCommonStorageDBProvider will require the
      metrics provider be passed into it. Thus moving the call to
      NewCommonStorageDBProvider into initialize function.
      Change-Id: I1c23d5cf261719cae0725a09c3ededaafbb8aef8
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSaad Karim <skarim@us.ibm.com>
    • Matthew Sykes's avatar
      [FAB-12842] http handler to manage logspec · fef430f7
      Matthew Sykes authored
      We're beginning to move towards https for network access to fabric
      operational endpoints like logging and metrics. This introduces the http
      handler for managing the log spec and some basic http middleware
      Change-Id: I8a04e1570c66651e93ed5aa9e3b8083e10cc8254
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMatthew Sykes <sykesmat@us.ibm.com>
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      Add HealthCheck to VM implementations · 57a91cce
      Gari Singh authored
      Adds the HealthCheck function to DockerVM
      and InprocVM.  These will later be wired
      to the health check server API
      FAB-12718 #done
      Change-Id: Icd4541cac6a9a99214e8235bdb4f87a5cf27f6e6
      Signed-off-by: default avatarGari Singh <gari.r.singh@gmail.com>
    • Angelo De Caro's avatar
      [FAB-12788] Protobuf Messages for Token Expectation · 6e81cdb5
      Angelo De Caro authored
      A chaincode needs to be able to set token expectations.
      We need to define protobuf messages for the expectation
      to be stored in the proposal response
      Change-Id: I14594b6224f2e20f503c3838075d807f95632e60
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAngelo De Caro <adc@zurich.ibm.com>
    • Angelo De Caro's avatar
      [FAB-12602] Idemix Credential Revocation Information · e223d270
      Angelo De Caro authored
      This change-set does the following:
      - introduces opts to geenrate and verify the CRI
      - introduces a BCCSP signer and verifier for the CRI
      - tests
      Change-Id: I69becce66a69345034dbcf288af3529532835b42
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAngelo De Caro <adc@zurich.ibm.com>
  4. 13 Nov, 2018 6 commits
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