1. 03 Mar, 2019 1 commit
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      [FAB-13716] Block verifier book-keeping for onboarding · e0e3ddbb
      yacovm authored
      This change set adds the following supporting structs for adding
      support for verifying blocks pulled by onboarding in future CRs:
      - Ledger interceptor: intercepts a commit of a block, and invokes
        a callback.
      - VerificationRegistry: tracks commit of config blocks, and builds
        channelconfig bundles from them, in order to support verification
        of blocks pulled.
      - BlockVerifierAssembler and BlockValidationPolicyVerifier: together
        they build block verifiers out of config blocks.
      - verifierLoader: Loads a mapping of chainID->cluster.BlockVerifier,
        which is to be used at OSN startup to preload the existing verifiers.
        It is needed in cases we recover from a crash, or if we do
        dynamic onboarding and the previous config blocks have been committed
        to the ledger before the OSN was started.
      In the next CR, I will wire all these into the onboarding infrastructure
      itself, and they will be used to hold the latest bundle per channel
      in order to verify block signatures.
      Change-Id: Ic9fc99243baa5c2cef97103d001180207414d98a
      Signed-off-by: default avataryacovm <yacovm@il.ibm.com>