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    [FAB-10804] queue chaincode tx on container start · 8a7737d1
    Matthew Sykes authored
    Until now, when transactions arrive for a chaincode that is not running,
    the first transaction causes the chaincode to launch while all others
    are rejected until the chaincode launch has completed. This is
    unfriendly and unexpected behavior.
    With this change, when transactions arrive for chaincode that is
    launching, the transactions will be queued until the launch process has
    If the launch fails for some reason, all queued transactions will be
    terminated with the error from the launch. If the initial launch times
    out, all queued transactions (regardless of arrival) will be terminated
    with the timeout error.
    Change-Id: I12a9750b1a57e3e494cf4026539ea490dcf0573e
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMatthew Sykes <>