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    [FAB-2745] Update e2e_cli to work with TLS · f8a49c00
    Gari Singh authored
    NOTE: needed to touch multiple parts of the
    system to get TLS working e2e but this seemed
    like the best approach
    - changed default compose files to require TLS
    - renamed original compose file to *-no-tls.yaml
    - modified peer to pass peer.tls.rootcert instead of
    peer.tls.cert to client connections and chaincode
    - modified go chaincode to use rootcert and
    fallback to cert
    - fixed some logic in the getTLSCert method
    - modified TLS startup logic for orderer
    - moved casupport to core/comm package
    - modified configtx.yaml to use orderer0 for
    orderer address to match its certificate
    - regenerated orderer.block and channel.tx using
    updated configtx.yaml
    - added singleton CASupport object to the core/comm
    - added flags and supporting code for TLS to CLI
    commands which communicate with an orderer endpoint
    - modified deliverclient to support TLS credentials
    which are dynamically updated via config blocks
    Change-Id: Ifd69b08ada90f3d579697c2b7ef027789a799f04
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGari Singh <gari.r.singh@gmail.com>